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Sanctuary Ambassadors for Schools Training


On November 17th Schools of Sanctuary organised it’s first Session for the Sanctuary Ambassadors. The online event gathered about 20 participants from different countries, who volunteered to become SoS Ambassadors and support their local schools in developing the culture of welcome and diversity in communities.

Schools of Sanctuary staff members, teachers from SoS recognised schools and some of the Ambassadors spoke on the presentation, explaining to the new members of the group what it means to be a SoS Ambassador, what they usually do and how they can support the program.

The event was a big success and everyone was very enthusiastic to meet other people inspired by the idea of sanctuary and make their input to Schools of Sanctuary.

The webinar was recorded, and made available for viewing by a further ten Ambassadors who were unable to attend

. The next meeting of the sanctuary Ambassadors will happen in January 2023, please, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to know the exact date.

If you would like to join our SoS Ambassadors team, please, contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you.