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CBS Primary Tralee Declared the First Champion School of Sanctuary in Kerry

We are thrilled to share that on the 7th of Feb 2024, after careful consideration and observation, the School of Sanctuary Monitoring Team unanimously declared CBS Primary Tralee the Champion School of Sanctuary status. “ The First Primary Champion School of Sanctuary in the whole of Kerry”

The School of Sanctuary Monitoring Team led by Frances Moynihan, Deputy Principal of Millstreet Community School joined by Theresa Oba Elumelu, Family Support Worker with Tralee International Resource Centre, Homayoon Shirzad SoS Coordinator. Khatira Samim Sanctuary Ambassador Leader, Laura Ricken, EAL Teacher Cork Terence McSwiney Community College and Paul Butler School Teacher from The Green , CBS Secondary School in Tralee.

The Monitoring team was warmly welcomed by the school’s Leadership and Teachers. After tea, coffee, and introductions, the monitoring started. The students presented some beautiful and heart-touching songs, read by students, music played by a teacher and then a full tour of the school was conducted, including some class visits.

As a result, the School of Sanctuary Monitoring team were thrilled to conclude that the school  demonstrated a deep understanding of sanctuary principles and its relevance for everyone, embedded in the values outlined in the Edmund Rice Schools Charter. The commitment to promoting welcome, diversity, safety and happiness, cherishing the uniqueness of each individual, and providing opportunities for all students to thrive is truly exemplary.

Everyone in the team was convinced that that the concept of sanctuary is fully embedded in the school’s everyday life, from music, poems, artwork, parental engagement, people’s stories,  to celebrating cultures, comprehensive EAL support, sports, and other initiatives that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of inclusivity, welcome and acceptance that permeate CBS Primary Tralee.

To mention one example among all other wonderful initiatives is the “Seeds”. The school’s approach to sanctuary and their ethos is reinforced by the presence of student artwork  named as “Seeds”, transformed into beautiful glass frames hanged on different corners of the school’s corridors, which serve as constant reminders of the guiding principles that underpin the school’s culture.

The Seeds

The school’s dedication to multilingualism and cultural diversity is evident in various initiatives, such as the translation of the Welcome Pack into multiple languages, welcome and greetings in over 47  languages and the inclusion of native languages in school’s environment. By creating an environment where all languages and cultures are celebrated and respected, the has ensured that every member of the diverse community feels belonged, valued, and understood.

The impact of school’s efforts and kindness extends far beyond the classroom, as exemplified by the establishment of the Children’s Foundation in Tanzania by one of the CBS Primary School teacher and his wife. Very importantly, It was so great to see that the mentioned teacher is now promoting a sense of kindness, love and compassion among the students by learning and reflecting on the story of an especial visitor to CBS Primary Tralee who was once supported and cared by the mentioned Foundation in Tanzania.

Additionally, through innovative strategies such provision of bilingual libraries and connection with student’s parents the school has fostered a strong sense of belonging, support and community among students from various backgrounds. The school’s dedication to promoting confidence, self-belief, and literacy skills is commendable and has undoubtedly contributed to the holistic development of  students.

Furthermore, the presence of therapy dogs as sources of comfort and support underscores school’s commitment to nurturing the well-being of their students. By prioritizing emotional resilience and mental health, school has created a safe and supportive environment where students can feel happy, proud, supported and valued.

The Monitoring team were greatly honoured by the opportunity to visit and learn about this amazing journey.

The School of Sanctuary Monitoring team once again, extends its endless thanks and gratitude to the whole school community, especially the teachers, school leadership, students and parents in creating, supporting and sustaining this warm, friendly and welcoming school environment where everyone feels so proud to be connected to it.


To read more, here’s a link to the CBS Primary Tralee School’s Portfolio 

Link to an amazing Video Clip produced by CBS Primary on their Facebook Page

Congratulations on this well-deserved honour: CBS Primary Tralee, Declared as the Champion School of Sanctuary , The first Primary Champion School of Sanctuary in the whole of County Kerry.

Some more photos of the day

Students in CBS Primary Tralee with World Connection

Students presenting The Sanctuary Board and sharing about different initiatives

School Tour, Monitoring Team Members

School’s Amazing decoration by World flags