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Celebrating Presentation Primary School in Waterford: A Beacon of Sanctuary

On the 21st of Feb 2024, in an extraordinary milestone for Waterford City, Presentation Primary School was declared as the first Primary School in the city to achieve the esteemed status of Champion School of Sanctuary. This prestigious accolade, bestowed upon them by a monitoring team led by Tiffy Allen, the National Coordinator for Places of Sanctuary Ireland and Schools of Sanctuary monitoring team, marks a significant triumph for the entire school community.

The journey to this remarkable achievement was a collaborative effort, with dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students, and supportive parents all playing integral roles. As the monitoring team, comprising teachers from various schools, Sanctuary Ambassadors, local stakeholders, and colleagues from Schools of Sanctuary Ireland, visited the school, they were immediately struck by the palpable atmosphere of welcome, safety, and inclusion that permeated every corner.

During the enlightening two-hour visit, it became evident that Presentation Primary School had seamlessly integrated the values and principles of sanctuary into the fabric of the school’s daily life. From the moment one steps through the doors, they are enveloped in an aura of warmth, friendship, and belonging. Students, embodying the values of love, friendship, and kindness, extend a hand of solidarity, particularly to those in need of refuge and sanctuary.


What sets Presentation Primary apart is its holistic approach to sanctuary, encompassing every facet of school life. Through a myriad of initiatives, the school has transformed into a beacon of welcome, safety, and inclusion for all. Every culture, language, and race is not only acknowledged but celebrated, fostering an environment where diversity is embraced and cherished.

The school’s commitment to the sanctuary is not merely a programme but a journey deeply ingrained in its ethos and values. This dedication has earned Presentation Primary the distinction of being the 27th school at the national level to receive this esteemed award.

To the teachers, Sanctuary Committee, school leadership, and most importantly, the students of Presentation Primary School, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude. Your unwavering dedication, passion, and compassion have not only made history but have also set a shining example for schools in the county and beyond.

As parents, entrusting your children to the care of Presentation Primary School, you can take immense pride in knowing that they are not only receiving an exceptional education but are also part of a community that values and embraces every individual, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

As the School of Sanctuary Monitoring Day coincided with the celebration of Wellbeing Week in the school, children were encouraged to come to school in an outfit that represented their culture, tradition, or personality. It was amazing to see every student with special dresses and outfits representing them.

To learn more about Presentation Primary School’s inspiring journey as a School of Sanctuary, we invite you to explore their School of Sanctuary portfolio (Click Here for Padlet link).

Let us celebrate this momentous occasion and be inspired to spread the message of sanctuary, inclusion, and love in our own communities. Congratulations and well done, Presentation Primary Waterford!

[Here are some more photos from the day]