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Selskar College in Wexford Declared as Champion School of Sanctuary

Selskar College, Wexford now has Champion School of Sanctuary status, becoming the seventh school in County Wexford to achieve this, following their School of Sanctuary monitoring visit on Tuesday 14th May 2024.

Selskar College’s monitoring day coincided with a Progression to 3rd level talk involving South East Technological University. The event was organised to share information about accessing third-level education for students and their parents.

Alongside Tiffy Allen (Places of Sanctuary Ireland National Coordinator) and  Homayoon Shirzad (Schools of Sanctuary Coordinator), the monitoring team included representatives of Wexford Local Development, South East Technological University, Champion SoS teachers and parents of students in the school.

From entering the school, the student centred approach was very evident, with members of the Sanctuary committee available to assist at every turn. They were very well supported with wonderful staff. The warm welcome we received, clearly demonstrated the atmosphere of inclusivity in the school. The vibrant artwork on the walls, reflecting the diverse cultures and ethnicities of the student body, immediately conveyed a sense of belonging and ownership. It was evident that students were comfortable in their environment, fostering a conducive atmosphere for learning and growth.

One aspect that particularly stood out was the attention to detail in embracing diversity. Not only did teachers prioritise creating a welcoming environment, but we learned that even the school secretary went above and beyond by learning to greet parents in their home languages. This level of dedication to inclusivity permeated throughout the school, fostering a sense of community and respect for all backgrounds.

The Sanctuary committee were very involved in all aspects of the visit and had a really clear understanding of Sanctuary, showing great pride in how Sanctuary is being implemented throughout their school environment. It was evident that great effort, thought and care had been put into so many aspects of the school, the work of the librarian to promote Sanctuary and inform and include all students was amazing. A whole school approach to Sanctuary was very clear, with extra-curricular activities like chess attracting many students and cricket club an idea for the future. The Neurodiversity Wall in a classroom was fantastic.

The musicians who welcomed us were excellent, It was also wonderful to see the EAL provision and the individual care given to EAL students, with teachers showing interest in learning greetings in all spoken languages in the school. On our Monitoring Team we had two parents of students in the school, who gave wonderful reports of the inclusive and friendly atmosphere they experience in Selskar College.

Selskar College have a great understanding of what it means to be a School of Sanctuary, through their environment, ethos and values and their Monitoring Day was a great celebration of diversity and equality in the school.

You can click here If you like to learn more about Selskar College and their journey as a Champion School of Sanctuary.

 More photos taken during the monitoring day. 

Student Sanctuary Ambassadors from different cultures backgrounds welcomed the School of Sanctuary Monitoring Team at the School’s Parents Room with music and presentations

Large cake for for school’s special day of being declared as Champion School of Sanctuary

Students are giving a presentation of the services available at the School’s Library. The Monitoring team was struck by student’s confidence, level of engagement, information and passion for their school being a Champion School of Sanctuary.

School’s library full of books covering different cultures, languages and stories

Students giving a tour of the school to the Monitoring Team

Students giving a tour of the school to the Monitoring Team

School’s tour, world map showing countries where students come from.

Dr. Sarah Meaney Sartori from SETU delivering a presentation to students and their parents on accessing third level education through sanctuary scholarships and other mediums. 

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