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Enniscorthy’s First Champion School of Sanctuary

On Tuesday the 22nd of May, the School of Sanctuary Monitoring Team was warmly welcomed to Enniscorthy Community College by teachers, students, and parents. An exciting and enjoyable programme of events ensued whereby the team was struck by the passion and enthusiasm of the entire school community.

There were many highlights during this special day. The dedication and passion displayed by principal Dr. Iain Wickham in his opening address and deputy principal  Tina Merriman in answering the team’s questions were hugely admirable. The student voice was heard loud and clear in both formal speeches and informal responses to questions and interactions.

The school library led by JCSP School Librarian Mary Flynn was clearly a place of welcome with its beautiful stained-glass window and an interior design to create the relaxed atmosphere of a cosy living room. Initiatives such as the chess club with its ‘universal language’ ensured that new students could easily forge new friendships. This atmosphere of welcome was also found in Ms. Alice James’s EAL Room 14 where students gushed about the literacy-rich environment that reflected all their languages. A prominent display of flags, a beautiful bespoke world map and messages of welcome in many languages in the school canteen made it clear that the School of Sanctuary message was shared with all members of the school community.

Following the school tour, members of the Monitoring Team were tapping their feet and clapping along to the student dance medley which showcased music and dance from many cultures in their school.

Music and Dance from difference cultures performed by students

After the team deliberated on these positive experiences, it was with delight that Enniscorthy Community College was announced as Wexford’s 8th Champion School of Sanctuary and Enniscorthy’s first. No doubt the amazing work carried out in Enniscorthy Community College will ensure the message of inclusion will continue to spread to the wider community.

You could learn more about the Enniscorthy Community College and their journey of School of Sanctuary by clicking here. 

More photos from the day:

Students Sanctuary Ambassadors and Monitoring Team at the School’s Library

Teachers, Students Sanctuary Ambassadors and Monitoring Team at the School’s Library during the announcement of the ECC as the Champion School of Sanctuary

Principal Dr. Iain Wickham, Deputy Principal Tina Merriman and Ms. Michelle Jordan the Team Leader for the School of Sanctuary Monitoring Team making the announcement for Enniscorthy Community College (ECC) as the Champion School of Sanctuary.

Multicultural Dance and Music

Students wrapped with flags of different countries represented in the school

Students, Teachers and Monitoring Team in front of School’s Sanctuary Wall.

Monitoring Team interacting with Ms. Flynn and others at the Library

Monitoring Team Members, Leader and students cutting the cake

Students, Teachers and Monitoring Team in front of School’s Sanctuary Wall at Enniscorthy Community College

To learn more about schools of sanctuary and or join the School of Sanctuary Network, you could reach us using the following email address or by engaging with our website or social media channels.

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