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Presentation Secondary Girls School, Waterford, Designated Champion School of Sanctuary

Congratulations to Presentation Secondary School in Waterford City as Champion School of Sanctuary:

In a heartwarming celebration of diversity and inclusivity, Presentation Secondary Girls School in Waterford City has been declared a Champion School of Sanctuary. A monitoring team, led by Andy Pollak from Schools of Sanctuary Ireland, recently conducted a monitoring visit to the school, accompanied by a diverse panel including Teachers from Champion and Member Schools of Sanctuary, Community Leaders, Parents, and Sanctuary Ambassadors.

Andy Pollak, the Team Leader for the Schools of Sanctuary Monitoring Team Declaring Presentation Secondary School in Waterford City as the Champion School of Sanctuary Following the Monitoring Visit at the School Hall.

With a student body boasting over 100 immigrant young women from 42 countries, speaking an impressive 44 languages, Presentation Secondary Girls School exemplifies the ethos of sanctuary. The school’s commitment to embracing and nurturing its multicultural community was evident throughout the visit.

During the tour, the team witnessed firsthand the vibrant artworks of refugee students, sampled delicious dishes from over 20 countries prepared by students, and engaged with passionate Sanctuary Ambassadors who embody the school’s dedication to inclusivity.

From critical thinking lessons in Politics and Society class to artwork exhibitions honoring powerful women leaders, Presentation Secondary Girls School cultivates an environment where kindness, welcome, and empathy are paramount. The school’s prayer room, open to individuals of all faiths and none, reflects its commitment to respecting diverse beliefs.

The visit culminated in a breathtaking concert showcasing the talents of students from various cultural backgrounds, leaving the monitoring team deeply moved and inspired.

Principal Orla Bolger, Deputy Principal Ruth Gallen, and the dedicated team of teachers, including Karen Heffernan, Kelly Dempsey, and others, were lauded for their unwavering commitment to creating a sanctuary for all.

With resounding cheers from the student body, Presentation Secondary Girls School was officially designated a Champion School of Sanctuary, a testament to its exemplary efforts in fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

It’s worth noting that Presentation Secondary Girls School is also a Yellow Flag school, further demonstrating its dedication to inclusivity and diversity. Yellow Flag initiatives complement the ethos of Schools of Sanctuary Ireland.

For more information on Presentation Secondary Girls School please click their School of Sanctuary Portfolio


Ms. Bolger, the Principal of Presentation Secondary School welcoming everyone to the hall.

Mr. Heffernan and the Student Sanctuary Ambassadors leading the tour for the School of Sanctuary Monitoring Team, Mapping where students came from.

Student Sanctuary Ambassadors of the Presentation Secondary School facilitating the tour and sharing about the welcome board

Students from Ukraine representing their country at the School hall during the Multicultural Day and Schools of Sanctuary Monitoring event.

Sanctuary in Prayers: A safe and inclusive space for everyone to find peace, calm, meditate, pray and connect to self and beyond.

Sanctuary in Prayers: A safe and inclusive space for everyone to find peace, calm, meditate, pray and connect to self and beyond.

Strength in the Unity, Artwork by Students on the school’s wall.

Strength in the Unity, Artwork by Students on the school’s wall.

Artwork Exhibitions Honoring Powerful Women Leaders on the Wall of School Foyer

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